Caricatures of women in activities they love is very popular

Women caricatures are an ideal gift for any Woman, mum, grandma, sister, girlfriend, wife, lover, friend…any woman. Women caricatures are an ideal gift for any woman who has everything. A woman’s caricature can highlight who they are, their achievements, their beauty….anything. A woman caricature can express your friendship beautiful


To make sure that i understand your favourite woman for the woman caricatures, i will email you a questionnaire with various questions you may answer to help me with the Woman caricatures. What they like to do, their achievements, what clothes they like to wear, where they like to dine, where they like to travel. Any information which will describe them best in the Woman caricatures.

You may then email the info to me along with good quality photos of her. Beautiful face photographs, no shadows or hats, and the larger the better. The better the photo the better the woman caricatures it will be. You may also email me any photos which best describes what they like best for the Woman caricatures. Doggies, friends, travel destinations…anything….that will then make the Woman caricatures special and person.


I produce 3 sizes of Women caricatures. Small A4 which is similar in size to a sheet of copy paper. Medium A3, which is similar in size to 2 x sheets of copy paper. Large A2, which is similar in size to 4 x sheets of copy paper size. My Women caricatures come in 3 sizes to suit any budget.


Once i receive all the information for the Woman caricatures, to make sure you will be completely happy with the result, i will come up with a rough sketch idea which i will email to you for approval. When everything is ok and is what you want, i will then produce the finished Woman caricatures with layers of colour and paint. When completed, I will again email the finished Woman caricatures to you for final approval.

The Women caricatures are all hand drawn, hand coloured with a guaranteed likeness. No computers are used… you receive a beautiful hand crafted , bespoke illustration on completion…not a computer printout.

Framing if required

I can also organise framing of the Woman caricatures for you if you like. I have been using the same framer to frame my Women caricatures for over 10 years and he is not only the best but very reasonably priced.  He has many frame samples which i can email to you that shows of the Women caricatures in the best possible way.Of course you may organise yourself if you like. Whatever is easiest. 


I will wrap up the Woman caricatures and send it to you by express post. Alternatively, you may collect the Woman caricatures from me or i can deliver the Woman caricatures to you personally if you are in Sydney.

Shipping Interstate

For shipping the Woman caricatures interstate, my framer uses acrylic instead of glass for safety, wraps te Woman caricaures in bubble wrap and the boxes the framed Women caricatures with MDF. I have sent Women caricatures all over Australia, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Tom Price, Hobart, Canberra, Townsville, Gosford…all over ..and the Women caricatures have always arrived safely.

For more information or to discuss your Women caricatures, please email tony on…

or ring 0431 092 577 for a friendly chat.