A unique gift for your special person

Showing your favourite person surrounded by all the things they love best. Best birthday caricatures in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Australia, produced by an award winning artist Tony Pyrzakowski. Hand coloured original artwork with a guaranteed likeness. No computers are used.

Farewell gift caricatures 

Farewell gift caricatures are ideal to commemorate the fun times you had together.

For your favourite boss or work mate, a farewell  gift caricature is an ideal gift to give them. Showing them surrounded by the fun things that you always remember about them. This is a special farewell gift caricature can include the fun things they did, their favourite sayings, favourite clothes..anything. A farewell gift caricature will always reming them of you.

So i can get an understanding of the person i will email you a form with various questions which you may answer and will help me to draw up the farewell gift caricature.This may include anything that brings a smile to your memories. Funny foods, funny things they did…fun times you had together. Farewell caricatures is a composite of their fun times and can include as much as you like or as little as you need.  Maybe fishing in their boat dressed in their favourite footy jumper…or gardening…or cooking. Anything showing what you love about them.

My farewell gift  caricatures are highly detailed with a guaranteed likeness. The farewell gift caricatures aren’t quick sketches you may see at markets…or a dodgy computer drawing. My farewell gift caricatures are high quality illustrations produced by hand with layers of watercolour and coloured pencil resulting in a high quality , timeless illustration to be treasured.

 A unique gift for your special person, farewell gift caricatures will be treasured.

Farewell gift Caricature Process

To create a unique farewell gift caricature i will email you a form with various questions which may help me with understanding the person.Questions about the person, likes, hobbies, favourite clothes,etc…what do they like to do, what do they like to wear…anything that will help me to understand the farewell person to create a unique farewell gift caricature. If you have a special scene you would like to create in their farewell gift caricature then I am happy to create it. Fishing in their boat, BBQ’s with family and friends, performing on stage, cooking, gardening…anything.

To make sure that you will be completely happy with the farewell gift caricature, when I receive all the info for the farewell gift caricature I will come up with a rough sketch draft for you to see which I will email to you. You may then add things to the farewell gift caricature sketch or leave it as it is.

Once approved, I will draw up the farewell gift caricature onto my art board and then add colour and shading to create the farewell gift caricature. When finished I will again email you the finished farewell gift caricature for your approval…to make sure you are completely happy with the result…and there are NO UPFRONT COSTS! You only pay when you receive the picture and are totally happy with everything When all is OK I will send the farewell gift caricature to you securely wrapped by express post or deliver the leaving gift  caricature to you personally if in Sydney.

Farewell Caricature Framing

I also organise framing of the farewell gift caricatures if you like. I have used the same professional framer to frame my leaving caricatures for over 10 years, Raymonds framing in Willoughby. He is not only the best but the cheapest. Of course you may organise your own framer for the farewell caricatures.

For shipping interstate my framer frames the leaving gift caricature with acrylic instead of glass for safety…which looks sensational..wraps it in bubblewrap and the boxes the farewell gift caricature securely. I have sent farewell gift caricatures all over Australia and they have always arrived safely. Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Brisbane, katherine, Tom Price,…everywhere.

Farewell Gift Caricature Sizes

Farewell gift caricatures come in three sizes, small A4 leaving gift caricature which is similar in size to a sheet of copy paper. Medium farewell gift caricature, which is similar in size to 2 x sheets of copy paper put together..and large A2 leaving gift caricature which is similar in size to 4 x sheets of copy paper put together. The largest farewell gift caricature I have produced is A1 which is similar to 8 x sheets of copy paper put together. This farewell gift caricature had the leaving person front and centre surrounded by 16 family and friends in Fiji, recreating a special, memorable farewell celebration.

I have produced small black and white farewell gift caricatures, small colour farewell gift caricatures, single person leaving gift caricatures, 50 people farewell gift caricatures.

Any size farewell gift caricatures to suit any budget!

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