Group caricatures are a wonderful way of showing your whole team together. Group caricatures can include wedding parties, business teams, family reunions

Group Caricatures are drawn by an experienced international artist Tony Pyrzakowski

With 35 years experience as an illustrator for all the major advertising agencies and Book Publishers in Australia, Tony Pyrzakowski now specializes in family caricaturessports caricaturesfriends caricaturesanniversary caricaturesgolf caricaturesbusiness and corporate caricaturesgroup caricatureswedding caricaturesbirthday caricatures.

Ideal as fathers day gifts, Christmas gifts, awards,..any special occasion.

Group Caricature Process

Sometimes its impossible to get the whole team or group in one place due to other working commitments or being in different areas or states. The ideal way is to have a group caricature drawn. Just supply me with good clear head photographs of everyone, tell me a little about each person and I will draw them all in one of my special Group caricatures. With a guaranteed likeness I can draw them in whatever situation you like in my group caricatures.

They are more like portraits than caricatures with a guaranteed likeness. My group caricatures can be commissioned as a wedding gift caricature showing the whole family together. I have been commissioned to reproduce 30 members of the National party Canberra. The largest group caricatures I have produced was for an industry leader who was surrounded by many past and present politicians in Canberra. A total group of over 50 people. All recognizable. One of the largest group caricatures was drawn approx. 30” x 40”…which is similar to1.3 metres x 74 cms. I have also drawn a group of 16 people together in a group caricatures. It was a family group caricature. The family and friends always had their holiday in Fiji. The main family was drawn at the front with dad at the barbeque, the kids playing footy and boxing, the girls climbing trees. The other friends in the group caricature were lounging around, drinking, playing golf, riding motorcycles. The wife and daughter were water skiing in the group caricatures. In the background was a lovely sunset in Fiji.

Group caricatures is an ideal way of showing everyone together. Many times, when asked to produce a group caricatures the photos have been badly lit or too dark. As the artist I can recreate the scene and produce a beautiful lit scene in my group caricatures. I have reproduced the pastry chefs at the Hyatt Hotel Sydney whose main chef was leaving. So I reproduced a large group caricatures of them all working together and having fun. I have also produced a group caricature for a prominent Real Estate mogul in Queensland. The group caricature showed him on his huge motorboat surrounded by his ‘A’ team salesmen with a background of their offices in Brisbane. Another group caricature was for animal stock auctioneers. Their main auctioneer was leaving so I produced a group caricature of them all at the sales yards.

One of my recent caricatures was for MORGAN-STANLEY. They wanted me to illustrate all the people…dressed and doing what people know about them. E.g One sales guru like to do karate, so i dressed him in a karate uniform in the business caricature. Another woman was the energised person who was always on the phone juggling papers. The main person was from the USA, lover American football and drinking shots. So in the business caricature I drew him in an American football suit, holding a shot glass.

I also included a printed metal plaque at the bottom with words of gratitude from all his friends. My group caricatures was most appreciated and treasured as special moment.. Sports teams are also very popular in my group caricatures. Cricket teams, AFL footy teams. Any team portrait is ideal as a group caricatures. Ideal as wedding caricatures or as birthday caricatures, any occasion where you would like to show the whole group.

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